It’s Raining Vitamins

Posted on Nov 23, 2011

Healthy Start of Southwest Florida is the recipient of 92 cases of prenatal vitamins from the Harry Chapin Food Bank. The prenatal vitamins will go to help support the nutritional health of over 2000 pregnant women throughout Southwest Florida.

Healthy Start was recently approved by the food bank to be a non-profit partner agency. Healthy Start will be able to provide these prenatal vitamins to pregnant women who are in the most need. Healthy Start’s “front-line” workers, the Community Liaison, In-home Nurse Visiting program coordinators, and phone based Maternity Care Advisors, are in contact with hundreds of pregnant women every month, and can help ensure that the vitamins will go those moms that can least afford to purchase the vitamins on their own.

Studies have shown that vitamins high in folic acid can help prevent birth defects and help to improve the health of the mother.