Why do babies cry?

Posted on Aug 29, 2012

a)      Hunger

b)      Too hot or too cold

c)       Diaper needs changing

d)      Teething

e)      Colic

f)       Boredom

g)      Over-stimulation

h)      Discomfort/pain

i)        Fever/illness

j)        Fear

k)      Loud noises

l)        All the above

The correct answer is (l).  It is normal for you baby to cry.  A baby may cry two to three hours a day – sometimes more!  Non-stop crying is difficult for all parents to cope with.  Check with your baby’s doctor if you think you baby is crying too much.

Ways to handle your frustration when your baby is crying…

  • Put the baby in crib, make sure the baby is safe, close the door; check on baby every 5-10 minutes.
  • Relax, take a bath or shower, exercise, or play music.
  • Call a trusted friend, relative, or neighbor;  ask them to watch the baby and to give you a needed break.
  • Sit down, close your eyes, and take 20 deep breaths.
  • Think about how much you love your baby.
  • Talk to someone.  Call one of the crisis hotlines – 911 or 1-800-FLA-LOVE.
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