Fiddlesticks Cares About Healthy Start!

Posted on Jan 25, 2013

When the staff at Healthy Start received the notice from Kim Berghs of the United Way, that Fiddlesticks Cares Volunteer Group was looking for painting projects, they jumped at the opportunity. The office building of Healthy Start has been in need of painting for years.

Sandy Puccio and Jeff Whitley of the Fiddlesticks Cares group paid a visit to the Healthy Start office, located at 1921 Jefferson Ave in Fort Myers, to assess the project. They felt the project was a good fit for their group, but pointed out that the second story might be a challenge. That’s when Healthy Start sought out the assistance of general contractor J.L. Wallace, Inc., who has a history of helping out in the community. After visiting the facility, Brian Cappucci, Project Manager of J.L. Wallace, said that his company would be happy to help organize the painting project. Mr. Cappucci enlisted the assistance of another general contractor, Ryan Hammond, Inc., to pressure wash and prep the building as well as paint the second story.  Mr. Cappucci also secured the support of Kirby Cameron, a representative of Sherwin-Williams, who agreed to donate the paint for the project.

Like the A Team, the plan has all come together. On Thursday January 24, The Fiddlesticks Cares Volunteer group joined forces with the Ryan Hammond team to execute the painting project.

Cathy Timuta, Executive Director of Healthy Start, said, “We are so grateful that the Fiddlesticks Cares Volunteer Group and these local businesses have joined together to help us with this much needed project. Since 94% of Healthy Start’s funding goes directly to services, projects like this are often not affordable for us. It’s going to be exciting to see these volunteers working together on our facility.“

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Ryan Hammond Painting Crew
Ryan Hammond Painting Crew
Fiddlesticks Group
Fiddlesticks Group
Sandy, Jeff, Brian, Volunteer and Cathy: Fiddlesticks Cares, JL Wallace, and Cathy Timuta of Healthy Start
Sandy, Jeff, Brian, Volunteer and Cathy
Sandy Puccio, Fiddlesticks Cares, and Kim Berghs, United Way
Sandy Puccio and Kim Berghs



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Fiddlesticks Garden Club

Fiddlesticks Cares also recently completed a landscaping project to beautify the outside of the Fort Myers Healthy Start offices. Thanks so much!

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