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Healthy Start Southwest Florida is a coalition of organizations and agencies matching pregnant women and new mothers with healthcare services and education needed to prevent infant death, reduce premature birth, and improve the health of thousands of babies and Moms in southwest Florida.

Prenatal Care

Helping pregnant women who are uninsured to obtain medical care.

Risk Screening

Every prenatal provider in the state of Florida is required to offer a Healthy Start Risk Screening to every pregnant woman. Babies are also screened at delivery hospitals after the baby is born. By initialing “Yes” to being screened women will know within minutes, if they or their baby have any individual health risks, and if they are eligible for Healthy Start services.

Healthy Start believes every woman deserves to know if she or her baby is at risk. After completing the Healthy Start Screen, the medical provider will refer Patients to Healthy Start based on their answers provided on the Screening Form. Healthy Start and the provider’s office communicate with each other to make sure the client has the best outcome possible.

Infant Risk Screening Rates by Hospital Prenatal Risk Screening Rates by Clinic

Referral Services

Healthy Start Southwest Florida connects southwest Florida residents with the various services they qualify for provided by coalition partners and agencies.

Healthy Start Home Visiting

Providing in-home visits for pregnant women and babies, identified as needing extra care and support.


Home based maternity care advising, helping pregnant women choose a prenatal care provider and providing them with important information on community resources.

Home Visits

Healthy Start Southwest Florida arranges for home visits from qualified healthcare professionals to educate, evaluate and recommend services to Moms.

Bear Hugs Support Groups

Connecting new moms with each other and the community resources that will help them care for their new baby.

Lisa Lyman
Lisa Lyman Healthy Start Client

Lisa’s Story:

I don’t know how my husband and I would have coped on our own through a difficult pregnancy and the emotional roller coaster when our first child was born with a birth defect. We had no clue, and we had no preparation. Baby Ella endured three surgeries and procedures. She is now two years old, is doing well. Healthy Start was there for us every step of the way.