Important SWFL Resources for Pregnant Moms

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To Schedule Appointment for WIC

Lee County Call Center (239) 344-2000
LaBelle/Moore Haven (863) 674-4078
Clewiston (863) 983-1494
Naples (239) 252-8208
Golden Gate (239) 353-1274
Immokalee (239) 252-7310

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Avoiding Alcohol During Pregnancy

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Avoiding Alcohol During Pregnancy (A Cup of Health with CDC)

If you’re pregnant or might get pregnant, you can begin taking care of your child long before birth. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can have permanent negative health effects on your developing child. Click the link above to listen to the PodCast by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Safe Storage, Safe Dosing, Safe Kids

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Safe Kids Worldwide released a new research report that found while the death rate among children from poisoning has been cut in half since the late 1970s, the percentage of all child poisoning deaths due to medications has nearly doubled, from 36 percent to 64 percent.

Safe Storage, Safe Dosing, Safe Kids: A Report to the Nation on Safe Medication examines trends in morbidity and mortality of medication poisoning among children ages 14 and under. The report underscores the challenge of medication-related poisoning among children and offers solutions that will reverse the trends. Safe Kids also proposes specific roles that parents and other caregivers, industry, governments, and the medical community can play in improving medication safety through safe storage and safe dosing.

The report launches an effort by Safe Kids to help prevent unintentional medication exposures, injuries and deaths in children. At both the national level and through its powerful U.S. network of 600 coalitions and chapters, Safe Kids will educate parents, grandparents and caregivers about the behavioral changes they need to make related to safe medication storage and dosing. This public education will be accomplished through a strategy involving community events, traditional and social media outreach, and full partnership in the Up and Away and Out of Sight educational program led by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Breastfeeding and Development (An Overview)

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Breastfeeding and Development (An Overview)

Guest Author: Diane “DC” Colburn, MS, CVRT

What if someone told you a perfect food existed?  This food would help maintain a healthy weight, improve oral health, increase strength, improve vision, reduce susceptibility to common colds and viruses, improve mental health, increase IQ, reduce the risk of heart disease, breast and ovarian cancer as well as increase bone density among many other benefits.  Would you eat the food? Would you believe that a mother can produce such a food for her baby? Breast milk is truly the world’s most perfect food. It has qualities that change as the baby grows!  What other food on earth has the ability to do that? Not one! (more…)

Fighting Depression with Exercise

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Guest Author – Mischa Kirby

Change. Some people thrive on it. Many of us are wary of it. But, if a new baby is coming into your life, it’s certain that change is coming. How you deal with change is the real challenge.

Change causes stress, and stress can be fatiguing. The questions before and just after your baby arrives are unrelenting – Will you be able to afford daycare? How do you juggle your already busy life and the new responsibilities of being a parent? Shouldn’t I be happier now?

In his book “Spark,” John J. Ratey, MD tells how stressful thinking can build and build, causing depression-like symptoms. (more…)

Heart Health and Pregnancy

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Did you know heart disease is the number one killer of women in the USA? February is Heart Health Month and pregnant and new moms have even more reasons to take care of their heart.
Here are 5 ways to improve your heart health when you are pregnant

1. Eat More Raw Fruits and Veggies

Even though many factors that put you at risk for heart disease are related to a genetic predisposition and family history, a 2011 study published in the Plos Medicine Journal found that the role genes play in cardiovascular health is not set in stone. Eating raw vegetables and fruits seems to compensate for some risks caused by variations in chromosome 9p21 which the study refers to as “one of the most robust genetic associations for cardiovascular disease.” (more…)

Florida Right From the Start

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Florida Right From The Start is a web site created to help moms and moms-to-be with basic information about pre-, post- and during pregnancy health. You will learn about important ways to keep you and your baby healthy. This information does not take the place of medical care or the expertise of your health care provider. You should always talk to your health care provider about specific questions about your health.

Sudden Infant Deaths and Co-Sleeping

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Sudden Infant Deaths linked to Co-Sleeping in Study
Read the Article

 Learn more about Operation Sleep Safely

Zero Exposure

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The Zero Exposure Project strives for excellence in maternal health by offering comprehensive education, support and resources to pregnant women and their families.


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