FOCUS Program

FOCUS is a series of classroom sessions focusing on cognitive-behavioral group intervention that promotes healthy behavior and responsible decision-making among pregnant teens and young mothers. The program covers topics such as responsible behavior, relationships, pregnancy prevention, repeat pregnancy, and STI prevention.


Session 1

Increase knowledge about unintended pregnancies and STDs including HIV/AIDS. Modify values, beliefs, and attitudes that impact sexual behavior.

Session 2

Increase knowledge about hormonal and barrier contraceptives. Build communication skills to prevent risky sexual behaviors and increase condom use.

Session 3

Increase knowledge about the signs, symptoms, and consequences of STDs/HIV/AIDS. Increase knowledge about the transmission and prevention of STDs/HIV. Build communication skills to prevent STDs/HIV.

Session 4

Modify attitudes about the effects of alcohol and its relationship to sexual risk behaviors. Build refusal communication skills. Build condom use skills. Increase awareness about how life choices can impact decision-making and health.

Session 5:

Program "graduation" celebration and meetings with mentors in the career fields the young women would like to pursue.

The FOCUS Program is currently being implemented at Golden Gate & Immokalee High School TAP teen mother program and the Florida Department of Health and the Collier Young Men’s probation program.

For more information on the FOCUS program, please contact:
(239) 425-6920