Grief Support

Are you in need of family support following a pregnancy loss or the loss of an infant?

When you have lost a child, especially an infant, it is easy to feel alone. You are not alone, and we can help you find your way through the grieving process.

Download the Guide to Grieving Support Resources in Collier County

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Project HELP, Inc.

Project HELP works with dignity and compassion to ease the pain of those who have been affected by rape, violence, crime or loss of a loved one.
24/7 Crisis Helpline: 239-262-7227
No cost


Avow provides caring grief and loss support services to both children and adults.  Services are open to anyone in the community, and include support groups, individual loss support, and community memorial events.
No cost

Valerie’s House

Valerie’s House offers Grief Group sessions as well as individual sessions when needed.
No cost

The Compassionate Friends

The Compassionate Friends is a peer to peer Group. Their Chapter has 2 meetings a month. They also provide individual phone support, again peer to peer.
Local 239-690-7801   National 1-877-969-0010,
No cost

239 BFF (Bereaved Families Forever)

Their mission is to secure and provide the basic resources necessary to support bereaved families following the loss of a child for two years. The basics include food, shopping, rides to support group meetings, maid service, pet care, and other services determined by the family needs.
No cost

Guide to Grieving Support Resources on the Web

Bereaved Parents of the USA 

This national, non-profit self-help group offers many resources for bereaved parents to help them rebuild their lives.

Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation

Families don’t have to face childhood cancer without support. The Childhood Cancer Foundation provides emotional, educational and practical assistance for families in need.

CJ First Candle

This organization provides bereavement support to families who have suffered the loss of a baby from SIDS, SUID or stillbirth.

Parent Grief Support Directory

Find a wide array of local, national and international grief support resources for grieving parents.

MISS Foundation

For families who have experienced the death of a child, find grief resources and online support forums which are fully moderated for safe, caring interactions with others.

Perinatal Hospice and Palliative Care Resources for Parents

These resources are for parents who have been told by medical professionals that their unborn baby will likely die before or after delivery.

The TEARS Foundation

This non-profit organization offers compassionate financial assistance to grieving parents who have lost a baby and need to make final arrangements.

The Compassionate Friends

Supporting Families After a Child Dies

This non-profit organization exists to provide friendship, understanding, and hope to those going through the natural grieving process.

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